Bay Area Skydiving

Skydiving, in addition to being one of life's most thrilling adventures, is also one of the only ways man knows to rise above all the stress of our world – literally – and get a bird's eye view of our beautiful planet and all its incredible features. And, for sheer beauty from high above America, there is probably no better skydiving than Bay Area skydiving. And there is no better place for Northern California skydiving than NorCal Skydiving, with our drop zone in the Northern California town of Cloverdale.

Bay Area skydiving gives adventurous souls a chance to get the best possible views of one of America's most scenic locales, the beautiful region of Northern California. You already know how unique the area is, with the culture of San Francisco, the majestic California redwoods, some of the world's best wine in Napa and Sonoma, and not to mention some of America's best weather – never too hot, never too cold. But you haven't experienced the region like this.

Bay Area skydiving will let you fly like a bird through the clear, blue sky, glimpsing the ocean, the rolling vistas, the forests, the city skyline and everything else that makes Northern California beautiful. The view you get at Twin Peaks, Coit Tower or any of the dozens of other high-up locations in the uniquely hilly city of San Francisco can't come close to what you'll see when skydiving. You can experience the thrill of a lifetime and maybe fall in love with a sport you do over and over again, all while experiencing the best way to see San Francisco – skydiving!

Sonoma Skydiving

Northern California is renowned, of course, for the fertile grape-growing regions of Sonoma and Napa, with their world famous wineries and, of course, celebrity chef restaurants. Enhance your meal in wine country. Don't just make idle chat about "mouthfeel" and "nice finish" as you sip your wine after a great dinner. Your conversation will make you smile as you recall the most exciting thing you did in the area around Sonoma and Napa: skydiving!

NorCal Skydiving allows tandem and Accelerating Free Fall jumps. Call to schedule your Bay Area skydiving experience today.