Bay Area Skydive

The beautiful San Francisco Bay area offers a myriad of pleasures, from the great food and wine of Sonoma and Napa to the incredible rolling vistas to the Pacific Ocean to the cultural richness of San Francisco and its surrounding cities and towns.

But there is one way you can make absolutely sure to give yourself a day you will remember for the rest of your life: a Bay Area skydive! NorCal Skydiving and its expert instructors want to give you a chance to fulfill your dream of soaring where eagles dare with a Northern California skydive.

San Francisco Skydive

One of the defining characteristics of the beautiful city of San Francisco is its incredible views. You can look out from Twin Peaks, Coit Tower, the top of Lombard Street or the upper deck at AT&T Park and catch amazing vistas of what is arguably America's most unique city and cityscape. Tourists from all over the world spend entire weeks venturing from one high-up location to another to another, looking for an even greater number of panoramic views of the City by the Bay.

Living in this area, you’ve probably seen it all too, but you can trump all of them with a view that cannot be topped: a San Francisco skydive!

Take advantage of the richness of life in the Bay Area. Skydive with the experts at NorCal Skydiving. More than 400,000 Americans try skydiving for the first time each year. If you are located in Northern California, skydive with NorCal for the first time, or, if you are not a first-timer, continue progressing toward becoming a solo jumper with Accelerated Free Fall, the next step after tandem skydive.

NorCal Skydiving, located nearby in the Alexander Valley, gives you an affordable way to fulfill a lifelong dream – you know you've said you want to try skydiving! – and an unmatched, exclusive view of San Francisco. No matter how many angles you look at this city from Twin Peaks, the perspective during a Bay Area skydive cannot be beat!

NorCal's Alexander Valley location in Cloverdale, California allows you to use your Sonoma skydive to get clear views – unencumbered by fog and wind – of the mountains to the east, the Pacific to the west, and the amazing San Francisco skyline, as well as the famous California redwoods. And we're located just minutes from wine country. Come to the Bay Area and skydive with NorCal.