Learn to Skydive - Accelerated Freefall

NorCal Skydiving encourages anyone interested in becoming a licensed sport skydiver to inquire about our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) student program.

Our AFF course is a USPA/FAA endorsed program for teaching the sport of skydiving, and NorCal's instructors are rated by the USPA. The course begins with a 6-8 hour ground school prior to making the first jump. After ground school is completed, our instructor will administer an oral exam. After completion of the oral exam, the student will suit up and make a skydive assisted by two freefall AFF instructors. The jumping portion of the AFF program includes 7 levels (usually accomplished in 7 jumps). For the first 4 levels, the student will be accompanied by two instructors, and for the final 3 levels, the student will be accompanied by a single instructor.

As the AFF student progresses through each level of the course, the instructors' role goes from very "hands on" to that of purely observing. Before you know it, you will be signed off for solo jumping. Once signed off for solo jumping, you will complete the necessary jumps/requirements to be eligible for a USPA "A" license.